MCCEE is an examination assessing a physician’s medical knowledge and preparedness to secure a place in one’s first year in the supervised post-graduate training in Canada while MCCQ1 is an examination that assess knowledge, clinical skills and the medical skills up to the standards stated in the medical council of Canada. MCCEE and MCCQ1 are also similar in ways such as they both test the basic medical knowledge through the running of the multiple choice questions and also the similar units of study.
Doctors from foreign medical training institutions aspiring to practice medicine in Canada are expected to take the MCCEE examinations from a certified test centre in their states since it is administered in many international test centres but they are expected to travel to Canada to take the MCCQE1 examination since it is administered exclusively in Canada. This makes it easier for doctors to sit for MCCEE as compared to MCCQ1 due to international credited test centres in many countries.
MCCEE acts as a screening tool that tests the student’s readiness to move to the point of sitting for the MCCQ 1 examination for students who wish to pursue further studies on medicine in Canada. One is required to pass in the MCCEE examination in order to proceed to MCCQ 1 but the pass requirement is less stern for MCCEE compared to MCCQ 1.
Content that is distinctively Canadian is not included in the MCCEE examination as it only tests on the general medical knowledge that is required for testing the minimum requirements to join the medical training in Canada while in MCCQ 1 the distinctive Canadian content such as the legal issues in the field of medicine in Canada are included in its examination.
Sessions on clinical decisions are administered for half a day in the MCCQ 1 as it tests the clinical competency of the doctors in the field of work, these clinical decision assessments are administered to show or determine whether the medical students are able to transfer the knowledge and skills learnt in class to a work setting while in MCCEE there is no such sessions.

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