Speciality examination is a test given to the medical students with the purpose of ensuring that these professionals have vast knowledge on their specialty and that they are ready to practise their profession as competent medics .The united kingdom’s special certificate examinations was made compulsory component of assessment of knowledge for certificate of completion of training for all students whose training commenced after august 2007 and it demonstrates to the prospective employers that one has acquired the required set standards necessary for employment.

Speciality examination SCE  marks the last step in a doctors career as it makes sure that all certified physicians have enough knowledge of their specialty for competent and safe practise as consultants therefore the certificate assures that a physician is ready to handle patients in the field of work having all the necessary knowledge and skills needed to deal with patients .moreover specialty examination helps in complimenting of job-based assessments where it gauges ones readiness to move to the world of work by assessing the  vital skills needed in the workplace setting hence it ensures a physician is well prepared to go out and deal with the practical part of his profession. Speciality gives challenge that is alike to that of sub-speciality test which aims on ensuring national standards of speciality are met before entrusting physician with patients. Speciality also provides arduous national assessments to form public confidence, this is important as it is important for the members of the public to have full confidence in a physician so as to entrust him with the mandate of solving their health problems hence it serves the wants of the general public as well before allowing the physician to practice his profession of specialty with the support of the community.

Speciality examination marks the last step in the doctor’s career as after the test the doctor only majors on his field of specialty with confidence due to his known and assessed competency both knowledge based and practical. If a doctor decides to higher his education later on, he only concentrates on his entrusted specialty.

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