we offer about 100 questions suitable for speciality exam rheumatology review according to UK rheumatology guidelines

Speciality exam in Rheumatology  is a prestigious career, but it is more expensive than most other courses. However, online learning has helped lower the cost of learning medicine. For starters, it is cheaper to apply for online classes as compared to traditional learning. What’s more, typical expenses such as accommodation are eliminated. And, as mentioned earlier, students can use their free time to work and earn part-time to help offset the cost of learning.
In many cases, students who decide to learn medicine online are often engaged in other activities such as working or raising a family. This would be impossible or immensely difficult with conventional learning, but it is manageable with online learning.
Shortcomings of Online Medical Education
Learning online is very convenient, but it also features several flaws that can affect the student’s performance. Its greatest convenience, flexibility, can also be a disadvantage for students with weak self-control and self-discipline. This is because students are not monitored, so they do not have to attend lessons. Consequently, the quality of learning deteriorates and so does the student’s performance.
Online medical learning also limits interaction among the students as well as between a student and tutor. Some learning portals have set up video messaging platforms where students and tutors can interact, but this is not enough. Some aspects of medical education are practical, and it often takes interactive illustration by the tutor for the students to understand.