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Preparing for MRCP Part 1 – An Overview of Everything You Need to Know
Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP) of the United Kingdom is a postgraduate medical diploma for medical students in the UK. It comprises of three parts, and each part is designed to test specific aspects of a graduate’s medical knowledge and skills.
MRCP Part 1
MRCP part 1 marks the first step to joining the Royal College of Physicians. It is an entry-level examination that is designed for doctors who have a postgraduate experience of at least 12 months in medical employment. It is very broad in nature, and its main objective is to determine whether a candidate has enough medical knowledge to pursue a career in medicine in the UK.
MRCP part 1 tests a candidate’s understanding and knowledge of common as well as rare illnesses. It also evaluates the candidate’s understanding of the country’s national guidelines. The test is based on the UK curriculum as well as general aspects of clinical science. Clinical science is deemed important as it forms the basis of the entire medical practice. As such, the written paper features several clinical science questions that often include a clinical stem.
Applying for MRCP Part 1 is simple as long as a candidate meet all the requirements. Candidates can apply online from any country whose medical standards are recognized and accepted by the UK. First, however, the candidate is required to create a personal My MRCP(UK) account on
To apply, the candidate must first check to see that all of his/her credentials and details are correct and up-to-date; providing incorrect information may delay the application process or even lead to disqualification. Most importantly, the candidate is required to submit evidence of his/her primary medical qualification to the administrative office; there are guidelines for doing this on the site. Once the information and credentials are submitted, the candidate can then proceed to choose whether he/she is training in the UK or internationally.
The examination is held at examination centers set up in the UK and internationally. The locations for international exam centers vary from time to time, but they are permanent in the UK. As such, international students are required to check with the MRCP website to confirm where the examinations will be held. Consequently, the next step in the application process involves choosing where one will sit for the examination.
Some candidates may have special requests regarding factors such as medical issues, visas, and access requirements. These arrangements should be communicated to the examiner in the online application sheet after choosing a preferred examination center.
The final step in the application process involves paying for the examination. The charges are posted on, and all cheques should be payable to ‘The Royal College of Physicians’.
Passing MRCP Part 1
Candidates should be thoroughly prepared for the examination. Fortunately, there are many online study materials that are available for both UK and international candidates. Success proves that a candidate has retained the lessons learnt in school as well as improved his/her knowledge during the 12 months or more of medical employment. Additionally, passing MRCP Part 1 not only grants access to MRCP Part 2 but also functions as a preparatory test as the latter part is more challenging.



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