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Membership and fellowship examinations: Ophthalmology

we provide updated videos course for ophthalmology curriculum helping you prepare the most for your exam

The MRCSI (Ophthalmology) Examination is aimed at trainees in their first three years of ophthalmic training, known in Ireland as basic specialist training. The attainment of the MRCSI is an entry requirement for the FRCSI (Ophthalmolgy)


As of January 2015 the MRCSI (Ophth) Part 1 has been discontinued. Candidates who have not yet passed the Part 1 will be required to pass the FRCSOphth Part 1 Examination in order to proceed to the MRCSI (Ophth) Part 2 Written. 

  • The Part 2 Written Examination is held on two occasions each year, in January and September.
  • The Part 2 Clinical Examination is held on two occasions each year, in March and October
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