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We deliver customized educational services in the field of medicine. These services are offered either in form of Q banks Online courses.

PLAB Part 1 tests a candidate’s ability to apply his/her medical knowledge to the care of patients. The test is designed for candidates entering the second year of their Foundation Program training. It covers a wide range of conditions including common, important, and acute diseases, as well as one’s ability to test long-term conditions.

MRCP part 1 and part 2 are written papers that are comprised of multiple-choice questions that are designed in the best format from a choice of five formats.you can best review the exam dates and location by visiting websit rcplondon.ac.ukrcpe.ac.uk

Also MRCS is a valuable membership with a lot og questions. review dates of examinations and locations rcpsg.ac.uk

In addition to specialist societies, the Federation of Royal Colleges of Physicians offers Specialty Certificate Exams (SCEs) to physicians in the UK. SCEs are globally recognized, and they are meant to increase a physician’s knowledge and skills as well as improving their appeal to potential employers. 

At License-Medical, we provide comprehensive tutorials on the following: Speciality Exam gastroenterology, geriatric, renal, nephrology, endocrinology, acute medicine, clinical hematology and oncology, palliative care, infectious disease, rheumatology, neurology, etc. These services are so efficient that we doubt you may find them elsewhere.

We also will provide   MRCS Ophthalmology, MCCEE, AMC MCQ. Our databas incorporates extensive learning notes that accompany each question and up-to date questions that are constantly reviewed.

Blended learning

We understand that the most efficient and cost-effective learning solution is one that incorporates seminars and lectures as well as efficient online video courses. Hence, we provide blended learning medium that involves seminars and as well, online learning platform that enhances further personal studies.

Don't you think this is for you? Yes, it is! Our blended services will do the following for you.

It will save your money.

It will save your time.

It will save your pain and headache.

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