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Among other courses, medicine is said to be complicated and demanding of time and attention. However, learning medicine has never been easier thanks to the emergence of online medical education. In fact, many argue that online learning portals are just as good as—or even better than—sit-in classes.


we offer Q banks in Speciality Exam SCE , MRCP part 1 MRCP part 2, PLAB
The Convenience in Online Medical Education
The main convenience of learning medicine online is the flexibility it offers with regard to time and location. In the past, students had to physically attend school for the entirety of their courses. Today, however, many universities have set up online portals where students can learn via the internet. Consequently, this has expanded learning to an international scale as anyone from anywhere in the world can attend the online lessons.
Online medical education is also much more resourceful than traditional learning. The internet is full of medical learning resources of varying types; written resources, videos, podcasts, and even interactive learning tutorials. As such, the student can conduct extensive research from one single portal as opposed to gathering information from numerous books and other print learning materials. What’s more, the database is updated regularly, so students are privy to the latest breakthroughs in their courses.
Medicine is a prestigious career, but it is more expensive than most other courses. However, online learning has helped lower the cost of learning medicine. For starters, it is cheaper to apply for online classes as compared to traditional learning. What’s more, typical expenses such as accommodation are eliminated. And, as mentioned earlier, students can use their free time to work and earn part-time to help offset the cost of learning.
In many cases, students who decide to learn medicine online are often engaged in other activities such as working or raising a family. This would be impossible or immensely difficult with conventional learning, but it is manageable with online learning.